23 July 2010

Exciting, Stress and Confused


Again, as demanded, I'll write this post in Malay and English. Actually rojak.
This first week is the juniors induction week.
So on Tuesday, the Batch 13 juniors started their registration at around 10am at the great hall.
Aku pun ada la gak mencari2 member yang masuk and cari orang2 yang kenal thru facebook.
Time tengah makan tengah hari, baru aku nampak Muneer Radzali, jumpa gak sorang.
Lepas sembang dgn dier kejap, aku pun terus balik chalet untuk prepare for evening class.
Juniors punya jadual agak padat.
The fun fact is, diorang xleh pakai jeans and wajib pakai kasut.
Wah, macam dekat asrama lak.
Tapi lagi strict.
Aku pun x sempat nak merasa induction week sbb masuk ky lewat.
So, happy je tgk diorng ngan activity diorang.
One night, ada blind fold game.
Juniors kena blindfoldkan mata diorang and the seniors akan kacau diorang. Diorang dibawa keluar dewan and their leader who was the only one yang boleh nampak kena guide diorang back to the hall. Diorang kena buat some sort of code to make sure the seniors x tawu.
So, its the seniors job to make sure all of them were separated.
Aku pun cari la sekeliling dewan nak tgk junior mana yg boleh dikacau.
Skali ada sorang budak tgh kena kacau dgn seniors.
So aku pun gi la ngaku jadi leader dier and fortunately, dier percaya.
Aku pun bawak la dier jauh sgt dari group dier and leave him there alone.
Sampai dier x percaya dekat his true leader's voice.
Agak fun la..
Malam pulak ada taklim dengan juniors.
Berkenalan dengan diorang.
Mostly private.
Woah, diorng ni leh tahan gak. talented, skillful or should i say, "all rounders" kot!! ;D
The next day, kitorg sume ade inter house football and basketball. Fuuh~! Enjoy. Enjoy ape? Enjoy tngok "budak2" juniors ni men. huhu. But surprisingly, most of them can really play. good enough to beat the seniors - Diamonders managed to beat Topaz in the football match. Outstanding!! ;D
Oh, btw, the Diamond basketball team (i mean the girls) were totally unpredictable. Walaupun diorg2 nampak mcm lemah lembut jer, tp.... woah!! power seyh!!
Emmm, talking bout sport, aq ade azam bru utk sem ni.. 'Nak hilangkan LEMAK2 yg terkumpul di badan' hehe ;D
And wanna know whos the coach.. hakhak.. not gonna mention here.. nanti dier bangga lak..
Second day of jogging, something best happen.
Mula2, aku ngan my coach jogging..
So, masa tengah jogging, aku pun rasa penat and malas nak jogging dah...
Tetiba, ada a group of juniors, tgh melawat kawasan dengan fasi diorang.
Ades, baru nak rest.
Tak jadi la, tetibe energy level fully restored.
Takkan nak tunjuk penat depan juniors.
Malu la.
Memang motivation tu penting untuk buat sumthing.

Before I forget, we also held an audition for the juniors on the third nite.
My friend will write about this part.

This part was written by my friend
~i am going to narrate the audition which was held in "diamond kg"..those new comers had to perform at least a song.they were quite forthcoming and that was the sort of person that we, seniors were looking for.it was such a compelling audition. while everyone was trying to show their real competence, a few of them did a quite sombre performances which result in burst into laugh by those seniors.they were given Durians and sweets as their reward for participating in the audition event. Anyway that was a memorable event that cannot easily be forgotten.
All of the grammar mistakes were regretted. ~

Ok me again.
Actually, malam ketiga(last night) ada Samurai. Juniors yang x berjaya collect semua sign fasi akan kena sumthing malam samurai ni. So, ramai yang cuba amik sign fasi while there's time until nite.
Mcm2 soalan kena tanya before senior fasi nak sign. Tapi still x dpt.
The samurai night, it started with the juniors kena marah dengan fasi diorang. Lawak pun ada.
Ada yg marah menjadi. Ada gak yg spoil. After that baru start samurai. Rupa2nya, samurai mcm exercise contest jer. Dier test sapa yg mampu bertahan lama utk buat a certain exercise.
X best pun. Macam buang masa jer.

Hari ni,
lepas solat zohor kat surau, jumpa dua orang senior, Brother Shafiee and Brother Ariff.
Diorang banyak bagi nasihat tentang actuarial science, economics, step paper dekat warwick, cara nak hidup dekat UK, budak bank dekat sana, requirement university and mmg banyakla.
Kalau nak explain, kalau nak story dekat sini mmg panjang la. So xnak tulis la.

Okla, dah byk yang aku merapu kat sini.

Sorry, for this post, gambar dah kurang sket.

Chalet Perkampungan DIAMOND




18 July 2010

Back to College

SalamYup. Its back to college. I have spent the whole month almost doing nothing. Not productive at all. Come on Munir, do something about ur future. Basically, what I do for the whole month semester break :
  1. Job Attachment
  2. A little homework
  3. Shopping
  4. Facebooking
  5. Accompany my mum at her office and boutique
  6. Hangout with frens
  7. Sleeping
See. Told ya. It is not productive at all. Im sure my college mates are striving and struggling hard for their A-Level xms. Nevertheless, thx to Atikah because we just set our goals again and aim for excellence for the upcoming AS Level xm in October.
Yep, the next semester is a serious one. No more fooling around. Just gonna focus for my xm and do my best.
Yup, forgot to mention, the fun fact for this 2nd sem is the July Intake. 6 of my friends will be joining me here in KYUEM. Somehow, u guys are my juniors. Gud luck guys, hope u enjoy kyuem to the fullest.

From SMK Derma :
  1. Akmal Hidayat
  2. Goh Diang De
  3. Goh Bee Hua
From MRSM Taiping :
  1. Muneer Radzali
  2. Fairuz
  3. Hani Syaza
Hehe.. for studying, I hope my brain wont xplode because I'll start to learn further mathematics for this upcoming semester.

Ya Allah, bukakanlah ke atas kami hikmatMu
dan limpahilah ke atas kami khazanah rahmatMu,
wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang.
Wahai Tuhanku, tambahkanlah ilmuku dan luaskanlah kefahamanku.
Wahai Tuhanku, lapangkanlah dadaku dan mudahkanlah urusanku


I think thats all for now.


16 July 2010

Job Attachment


Sorry for hiding in the real world for such a long time. Actually, due to time constrains, I have no more time to post sumting in this blog. As u can see, I've change my blog from Ilyfe to blogspot so that I can follow other blogs and vice versa. For this post, I would like to share to u about my job attachment during my semester break.

I've apply to Takaful Ikhlas to do my internship there. At first they've rejected me due to some reasons. But few days later, I suddenly got a call from them and said that they are willing to accept me. But only for a week. That is good enough for me because I dont wanna spend my sem break just by working and of course waking up early every morning ^_^. One thing I've forgot to mention, one of my friend also is doing her(opss sory) job attachment there, but also due to a certain reasons, she quit the JA on the third day.

So on the next monday, I bravely go to Takaful Ikhlas at Bangsar South to start my JA. I met a guy from HR and he gave me a swap card so that I can access to my working area. I've been sent to Actuarial Services Department on the 7th floor. My first day is quite boring, nothing to do actually because everyone is busy with their own work.

On the second day, I have the chance to meet the HOD and he told me about their work of actuarial science there. There are only one qualified actuary in this company. Funfact about this actuary is, he was paid 2K per hour and he punch in at 10am everyday. This somehow inspire me to be an actuary.

To cut the post short, on my 3rd and 4th day, I've been assisting a worker here to count an insurance premium. Its not that hard but quite annoying because there are lots of them. On my 4th day, i got the chance to interview the appointed actuary of TI. He told me his journey of becoming an actuary and it is not an easy one. Yup, forgot to mention, there is a young girl also doing her practical with me in the actuarial services department. She is in her 2nd year of actuarial science and currently studying in US.

So I'll stop for now. Hope to have the will to write the next post. Enjoy the boring pics below. Comment is compulsory okay ^_^

The Appointed Actuary

My Working Space

Actuarial Services

Front Door

Ikhlas Point