16 July 2010

Job Attachment


Sorry for hiding in the real world for such a long time. Actually, due to time constrains, I have no more time to post sumting in this blog. As u can see, I've change my blog from Ilyfe to blogspot so that I can follow other blogs and vice versa. For this post, I would like to share to u about my job attachment during my semester break.

I've apply to Takaful Ikhlas to do my internship there. At first they've rejected me due to some reasons. But few days later, I suddenly got a call from them and said that they are willing to accept me. But only for a week. That is good enough for me because I dont wanna spend my sem break just by working and of course waking up early every morning ^_^. One thing I've forgot to mention, one of my friend also is doing her(opss sory) job attachment there, but also due to a certain reasons, she quit the JA on the third day.

So on the next monday, I bravely go to Takaful Ikhlas at Bangsar South to start my JA. I met a guy from HR and he gave me a swap card so that I can access to my working area. I've been sent to Actuarial Services Department on the 7th floor. My first day is quite boring, nothing to do actually because everyone is busy with their own work.

On the second day, I have the chance to meet the HOD and he told me about their work of actuarial science there. There are only one qualified actuary in this company. Funfact about this actuary is, he was paid 2K per hour and he punch in at 10am everyday. This somehow inspire me to be an actuary.

To cut the post short, on my 3rd and 4th day, I've been assisting a worker here to count an insurance premium. Its not that hard but quite annoying because there are lots of them. On my 4th day, i got the chance to interview the appointed actuary of TI. He told me his journey of becoming an actuary and it is not an easy one. Yup, forgot to mention, there is a young girl also doing her practical with me in the actuarial services department. She is in her 2nd year of actuarial science and currently studying in US.

So I'll stop for now. Hope to have the will to write the next post. Enjoy the boring pics below. Comment is compulsory okay ^_^

The Appointed Actuary

My Working Space

Actuarial Services

Front Door

Ikhlas Point



  1. wow, great experience u had there bro~
    err, 1 question,what's the difference between appointed actuary and qualified actuary??
    2k per hour?? wooottt,nice nice nice :)

  2. sama jer.. cuma dier gedik sket nak letak appointed actuary