01 December 2011

The Land of Dreams

Assalamualaikum to all my readers,

Well, here I am instead of studying. Well actually I've just finish up my abstract mathematics homework which took me about 2-3 hours(i think more than that). I've stayed in the Social Science Library for quite a day. Actually i was suppose to have a drama practice for LSE Malaysian night. But due to unforeseen circumstances, it was canceled and I've decided to stay at the library till 8pm.
This is the first time I write my blog since I arrive in London. Yep I'm buzy, but that's not the reason why I don't post anything since the previous post, just the lazy habit of me.
Alhamdulillah, all praise be to Allah, because I managed to further my studies here. Without Him, i really cant tell where I am at this moment.
I've been here in London for about 74 days more or less.

Arrival at Heathrow

Hurm, what should i blog about today.
My life at LSE was pretty hectic.
It suppose not to be that hectic but I think because we learn less in the class, so we ought to learn more outside.
I stay at Commonwealth Hall near Russell Square.
It is quite nice though it as relatively expensive compared to the other students accommodation hall.
My Hall

I usually walk to school and it took me about 20-25 minutes by leisure walking and normal speed.

At LSE, I read Actuarial Science and take 4 subject for my first year which is Mathematical Methods, Elementary Statistical Theory, Economics B, and Introduction to Abstract Mathematics. I think all those 4 subjects are quite tough and need quite a high amount of dedication and commitment if Im planning not to fail my first year.

There's a lot of interesting places here in London that I have yet to share here.
I think I'll do so in my next post.
I promise to myself to blog regularly.

Till then, Salam ^_^

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  1. nice munir. update la selalu. aku baca. hahaa.

    all the best there bro !